About Program

A Sonu Sood initiative, COVREG aims to create the world's biggest volunteer program for covid vaccination registration. The Initiative, powered by rural fintech leader Spice Money, will onboard volunteers to help with covid vaccine registrations of the Indian population, primarily rural citizens. Spice Money will provide the technological expertise and tap into its network of over 8 lakhs+ Adhikaris to come on board as volunteers on the COVREG.

The word COVREG is derived from - COV from COVID and REG from REGISTRATION. The word COVREG also comes with the objective of extending the vaccination registration Coverage to rural India.

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Volunteer Roles

Create awareness and address queries/myths related to covid vaccination

Help in 1st vaccination registration and booking slots

Mobilise registered people to go to the vaccination centers

Help in 2nd vaccination registration and booking slots

Provide vaccination certification

Volunteer Benefits

Contribute to India's fight against Covid-19 Pandemic

Become part of India's biggest vaccination registration drive

Join Sonu Sood's Volunteer Club

Get Volunteer Certification

Be the face of social services amongst your community

Volunteer Criteria

  • Should be a Spice Money Adhikari
  • Age no bar
  • Gender no bar
  • Smartphone with internet access
  • Aadhaar card or any other Govt. ID proof
  • Dedicated time to offer (at least 3-4 hours a day, for next 6 months)